Welcome to the official website for the (ORPA) conference 2015. The conference will be scheduled at the University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumedienne (USTHB), in Algiers (Algeria), for April 20-22, 2015. ORPA conferences are focused on the use of Operations Research (OR) in Africa both in academic as well as application point of view. The conference is intended to bring academics to discuss and present some of the most recent developments in our field. It is also intended as a vehicle to bring industry and the academic world together in order to produce relationships that may result in beneficial implementations of OR in practice. A non-exhaustive list of Applied topics are : OR in Transport and Logistic, Urban Transport Network Design, Public Transportation Studies, Traffic Control, Multimodal Freight Network Design, OR in Water Resources Management, Management and Control of Delivery Water Resource, OR in Energy and Environment Management, Renewable Energy System, Optimization in Sustainable Development, OR in Natural Resources Management, Operational Research Models in the Management of Agricultural Resources, Operational Research Models in the Management of Forestry Resources, etc. We also invite submissions covering other topics related to OR for development as well as OR applications in government and industry. All of these applications are fundamentally based on theoretical OR and Optimization topics also in the scope of the conference. A non-exhasutive list of such topics are : Combinatorial Optimization, Combinatorics, Integer Programming (linear, quadratic, non-linear), Multicriteria Optimization, Global Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Scheduling, Facility Location Problems, etc.

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